What is a History Lizard?

David Kearns, of Xerox Corporation, praised the Liberal Education (broad in Humanities, etc; not politically) saying it was the sort of flexible education we need today to fix today’s world problems. In that vein and as a History (w/Teaching) major at Montana State University, Bozeman, a Liberal Arts education and subsequent fall out are becoming the foundation for my next 40 years or so (God willing and the tires stay on the road!)

This blog will have a few areas of focus:
-student concerns
-teaching concerns
-personal opinions
-writing samples (articles, books, scripts, etc)
-the odd throw in for good measure

If you’re interested in truck driving or the trucking life, see my other blog at http://trucksage.wordpress.com.

I have a husband (times 16 years and counting), four fast-growing children, two labra-dogs, and a rather obnoxious cat. They may also be mentioned from time to time.

Feel free to leave comments. They may or may not be posted. 🙂 Might even give me ideas for future entries.

You can read my articles on Suite101.com. There, I write about ASL and the Deaf culture, trucking, student concerns, and a few more.

Check back as often as you like. Should be new material at least every few days.

A bientôt!

p.s. You may have noticed, the above discusses the History part, not the Lizard. That’s just going to have to stay unexplained – at least for now!


One Response to “What is a History Lizard?”

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