James McPherson Lecture Tonight!

There are certain advantages to being a university student. One is having an inside track into local events that

Lecture – Lincoln and His Generals

otherwise I’d probably never know about, nor would I realize what an opportunity is was. A few years ago Jane Goodall came to Bozeman to promote her new book. Admission was free, even. I really wanted to go and bring Rachel, our younger daughter who is something of an animal hugger. For whatever reason, other things got in the way and we didn’t go. Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity lost.

This time, that’s not going to happen! Tonight, James McPherson – a well known (Pulitzer Prize winning) Civil War historian – is lecturing here at MSU. Dr. Rydell, my American History prof, requested that we all attend. Absolutely! And I’m bringing my family. And my neighbor. And her family…:) You can see where this is going!

I have one of McPherson’s books, Of Cause and Comrades. We used it as a text for our coverage of the Civil War in first semester American History. It was very poignant in its personal view of day to day civil war life.

So, tonight my four children and I will be sitting in the SUB ballroom, listening to McPherson educate us on “Tried by War: Lincoln as Commander in Chief.”  I’m totally stoked! (Hope my nine-year-old can keep his feet still.) Rich, my husband, won’t be able to be there. He has to drive to Idaho on his regular run. Guess I’ll just have to fill him in on every last detail. 😉


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One Response to “James McPherson Lecture Tonight!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Awesome! Can I join you?

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